I am happy to report that our first edition of our Kalikasan school
newsletter was a great success. The feedbacks that came from several
parents were reportedly positive. Thank you to all who contributed in
making this newsletter a reality, with a special mention to Aaron Ssam
who made it possible.

This month of April, the excitement continues with our school’s
commitment to promote fun and challenging educational activities which
provide an opportunity to motivate our students for more selfdiscovery.
Many classes both English and electives were done outside the classroom.
And many educational trips happened with tremendous positive
outcomes. Our new Inquirybased studentcentered approach has proven
to be a perfect pedagogy for our school’s vision. Slowly, our school is
making a headway towards a more progressive and enlightened
educational institution. All of these successes are the result of a special
bond partnership between our hardworking committed teachers, and our
highly motivated students, and with the utmost support from our
As a unique Gandhi school, I am pleased to share with you that two of
our Gandhi meetings have been presided in English. I am proud to say
that our students have embraced seriously the concept of learning English
as their tool to become Global participants in the world arena.
We hope that you will continue supporting our school updates through
this newsletter. Happy reading everyone!

 –Virginia Stack

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Welcome parents, students and teachers to our Kalikasan Educational
Center newsletter first edition. The launching of this newsletter is part of
our responsibility to establish better communication with parents and
students. More importantly, it is our way to celebrate our educational
commitment by sharing with you our student learning activities, their
involvement and progress. We hope that through this, we will succeed in
achieving our educational goals under the guidance of our core values:
Love, Peace, Wisdom, Freedom and Health.
Please enjoy reading our new stories and updates. I am looking forward
to read, more exciting news about our students learning activities and
plans. Happy reading!!!


Virginia Stack


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Today is Valencia Fiesta Day! People and free food everywhere! At school, we started the day with a limbo rock to warm up the body and a quick impromptu cheer to awaken our team spirit. We had different games like sack race, kalamansi relay, banana-eating contest, arm wrestling, longest line and a whole lot more. There was a palo sebo, too! The championship title went to the Red Team. By lunch, we had a feast! A Filipino fiesta is never complete without a lechon! We had one! Yum!

The parade, though it started rather late, was a whole new experience for the middle school students and high school freshmen . We had a float where five students who wore Philippine and Korean traditional costumes rode around town and waved to everyone while greeting “anyeonghesayo.” We all wore red shirts and brought red balloons too to make our team solid in color. To add more fun, some students took the luggage rack of the school jeepney and threw candies to the onlookers! Boy, it was fun!



once a week, we go downtown to sweat it out in the gym and learn self-defense, too.

There was a need to put up a billboard-signage for the school, being located off-the national road. Brilliant execution! You can find the finished product in different corners leading to the campus.




Aside from learning within the four corners of the classroom, we also learn this way: (taken during the Antulang in-service learning)


building the school restroom


group dynamics with the local kids


very basic sleeping quarters at the barangay hall 🙂


sharing our blessings

After the 8-week summer break, the high school students are back for the fall term. The formidable high school team welcomes them in style (not Gangnam-style, though 🙂

Gandhi Schools Korea founder Dr. Hee-Q Yang speaks at the Creative Education Summit in Hong Kong. The forum Creative Schooling: Global Trends and The Creative Classroom: Pedagogical Challenges include other representatives from creative education entities in Shanghai, Russia, Denmark, UK, Australia and US.

Dr. Yang and the other speakers offer new insights to schooling and challenge institutional inertia as they share their visions and experiences with local practitioners; and to breakthrough the rigid setting and power structure in traditional classrooms, Dr. Yang and other education frontliners from local and abroad exchange new strategies for creative teaching and learning, the chohanlab website says.

The Creative Education Summit is an initiative of Inter-Cultural Creative Education Observatory. The event is organized by Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture, sponsored by Home Affairs Bureau, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and co-organized by Department of Creative Arts and Physical Education, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Department of Cultural Studies of Lingnan University School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity.